My name is Sarah. I'm 21. An Anthropology graduate from Towson University (in Baltimore, MD). I work at a non-profit engaging and educating the faith community about HIV. I'm a feminist, I crochet, I sew, I love baseball, I love breakfast food, I have GAD, and I love to blog and I love to learn.




White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

please let them know.

white privilege is your history being taught as a core class, and mine being banned because it would promote "the overthrow of the U.S. government, foster racial resentment, and advocate ethnic solidarity."

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Thank you

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The ‘free market’ approach to healthcare means seeing more patients in less time. We’ve lost the human connection in health reform.

This is a call to begin a spirited discussion centering on such real healthcare reform. I am not naive to the hard economic realities of healthcare delivery or how civil discussions on reforming healthcare payments need to continue. However, meaningful and lasting solutions will not be found in models that commoditize health and continue to be based on a foundation of reward and punishment alone. They will be found in models that bring back the joy of healthcare to professionals who deliver it – physicians such as me and countless others who seem to have lost the single most powerful driving force – purpose.

I think I’m going to church this weekend for the first time in a REALLY long time. 

#repost (thanks, Nicole!) Couldn’t be more true. It feels great having the confidence that things will work out. It’s all a process, and not an easy one, but I’m so glad to finally be where I am. I’m loving my education and the future it holds for me. I’m loving the support I have from my friends, family, coworkers, and therapists. I’m loving myself, my body, and food! I’m loving the struggles in my life and taking them as they are and I’m so thankful for everything that has helped me get to this place. I’m looking forward to everything in my future and I’m excited to take my time getting there. #greatmorning #greatday #greatlife #feelingthankful



adults have three typing styles
2. ominous and sad looking………
3. Proper and overly happy! Can’t believe how big you’re getting! I love you and miss you so much! Say hello to the family for me! xoxo

my mother is forever number two.


"Heard you got a 100% on your math test……………………"


like jeez wut are you gonna kill me over it

i actually did get a 100% tho